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Refund Policy

Thank you for visiting our website! We know and understand that sometimes plans change, and we want to make sure that your experience with us is as smooth, easy, and free as possible. That’s the reason we have a comprehensive refund and cancellation policy in place. We appreciate your trust and want you to feel confident when reserving with us. Please take a moment to enlighten yourself with our policy details below.


Cancellation Policy:

We understand that some things can go wrong and that you might need to cancel your reservation. We provide a flexible cancellation policy that permits you to cancel your reservation within a certain timeframe without incurring any penalties. Moreover, kindly note that specific cancellation terms may differ depending on the type of booking and the time of cancellation. We suggested analyzing your booking confirmation to determine the cancellation policy that is implemented for your specific bookings.


Deposit and Payment Policy:

To protect your reservation, we may need full payment at the time of booking. The deposit amount and payment deadline will be clearly outlined during the reservation process. If you cancel within the given cancellation time, your deposit or payment will be returned in full, as per our refund policy. If you cancel outside of the given cancellation time, the amount of your refund may be detected or lost, depending on what your booking confirmation says.


Modifications and Changes:

We know and understand that plans go wrong sometimes, even after the reservation. If you need to update your booking, like changing the time or date, we will try our best to accommodate your request, subject to availability. Please note that updates might be subject to additional charges, depending on the nature or extent of the modification. We suggest contacting our customer support team as soon as possible to talk about any required modifications you would like to make.


Unforeseen Circumstances:

Sometimes unpredictable conditions can interrupt your purchasing plans, like a loss of network connection or any other event beyond our control, or you might change your mind about purchasing other boat designs than the selected one. In such cases, we will work closely with you to explore and find the best solution. This might involve rescheduling these conditions with fairness and understanding, always prioritizing the satisfaction of our clients.


Note: If you have any particular inquiries, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. At Ocean Boat, we are committed to giving you an outstanding boating experience, and we want each step of your journey to be easy and free.