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Caprera Spreader Lights


Detail Description:

Caprera Spreader Lights are a type of lighting fixture commonly used on boats, especially sailboats and larger vessels. They are designed to illuminate a wide area around the boat, typically on the deck, mast, or spreader bars. These lights provide additional visibility during nighttime operations, making it easier to navigate, work on deck, or perform tasks in low-light conditions.

Features of Spreader Lights:


  1. Wide Beam Angle: Spreader lights are designed to cast a broad beam of light over a significant area, improving visibility and safety on the boat's deck.


  1. Mounting Options: They can be mounted on various locations, including spreader bars (horizontal supports on the mast), the mast itself, or other parts of the boat's structure.


  1. Adjustable: Many spreader lights are adjustable, allowing you to direct the light exactly where it's needed. This is particularly useful when working on specific tasks.


  1. Durability: Since they are exposed to the marine environment, spreader lights are often designed to be rugged and weather-resistant. This includes protection against saltwater, UV rays, and other elements.



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